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The ShellListView or ShellTreeView do not provide a property for this. Instead the ShellControlConnector component, that mediates the checkbox state between different controls in particular, has the property SelectionList which allows to iterate through the list of selected items.

For folders containing many files and subfolders the process of collecting file information (e.g. overall size) can take a while. If you'd like to suppress the scan, you can set the CalculateSelectedFiles property in the SelectionList to false.
This will suppress fetching the overall filesize, etc.

In newer versions of ShellBrowser, you can also activate the "simple" checkbox mode to avoid too much overhead when checking elements.

Implement the BeforeInvokeCommandOnSelected event and in the eventhandler set e.InvocationProcessed = true to intercept the default action.

Because the history functionality is contained in ShellControlConnector, you need to attach one to the ShellHistoryToolStrip Control by setting the property of the same name.

Yes. The components can be used with Express and Community Editions of Visual Studio.

ShellBrowser.NET components are designed for Windows Forms, ShellBrowser WPF components for WPF respectively.

In both cases you need "Windows Desktop" versions/workloads in the Visual Studio Express or Community Edition.

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