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Die folgenden Inhalte sind leider nicht auf Deutsch verfügbar.

ShellBrowser uses registered preview handler shell extensions for the FilePreview component. Some of these extensions belong to Windows, others are installed with third party applications.

If the FilePreview is not working, please check the following list:

  • Does Windows Explorer preview the files correctly? If no, there is either no preview handler installed, or it is not working correctly. Try updating the respective program. 
  • If the problem occurs in a x86 application, please try compiling a 64-bit version.  
  • The FilePreview component works asynchronously. Depending on the context (versions of Windows, Rad Studio and the PreviewHandler, but also the layout of the form containing the Preview) some Preview Handler may not work or show visual glitches.
    Try forcing the loading of the preview into the main thread, by implementing the OnLoadPreview event of the Preview. 
  • If all of this fails, don't hesitate to contact the support. In this case, please provide details on the error: versions of Windows, the IDE and the program that provides the PreviewHandler.

Unfortunately this is beyond the scope of ShellBrowser components. You have to write a "shortcut menu handler" or other type of shell extension to do so.

See the Microsoft documentation for an overview.

Indeed, by default additional space is added between root nodes. While it is unfortunately technically not possible to reduce the extra space, you can remove it, using the "SingleSpacedRoots" property. If set to true, all extra space is removed.

For specific documentation on components, check the API help. It contains descriptions on all classes, methods, and properties and is accessible either online or in the installation directory of ShellBrowser.

We plan to introduce a "FileNameFormat" property for easy configuration.

While this is not in place, you can control the display using the "OnAddItem" event to accomplish this, by accessing the ItemIdList of the ListItem to retrieve the physical name using the Name property:

procedure TMainForm.ShellListAddItem(Item: TJamShellListItem;
  var CanAdd: Boolean);
  if not Item.IsFolder and not String.IsNullOrEmpty(Item.AbsoluteItemIdList.Name) then
    Item.Caption := Item.AbsoluteItemIdList.Name;