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Previews of a certain file type are not displayed correctly. What's wrong?

ShellBrowser uses registered preview handler shell extensions for the FilePreview component. Some of these extensions belong to Windows, others are installed with third party applications.

If the FilePreview is not working, please check the following list:

  • Does Windows Explorer preview the files correctly? If no, there is either no preview handler installed, or it is not working correctly. Try updating the respective program. 
  • If the problem occurs in a x86 application, please try compiling a 64-bit version.  
  • The FilePreview component works asynchronously. Depending on the context (versions of Windows, Rad Studio and the PreviewHandler, but also the layout of the form containing the Preview) some Preview Handler may not work or show visual glitches.
    Try forcing the loading of the preview into the main thread, by implementing the OnLoadPreview event of the Preview. 
  • If all of this fails, don't hesitate to contact the support. In this case, please provide details on the error: versions of Windows, the IDE and the program that provides the PreviewHandler.

Where can I download my software?

Log in to the "Customers Area", using your login name and password.
Please follow the link "Downloads / Updates" in the left hand menu named "Customers Area".
There you can download your software immediately after finishing your order.

How can I programmatically select a node in the TJamShellTree?

To set a different selection in the ShellTree, there are the following possibilities:

ShellTree.SelectedFolder := ‘c:\’;

ShellTree.SpecialFolder := Jam.Shell.Types.SF_DOWNLOADS;

Can I use ShellBrowser to add a custom context menu entry or add other functionality to Windows Explorer?

Unfortunately this is beyond the scope of ShellBrowser components. You have to write a "shortcut menu handler" or other type of shell extension to do so.

See the Microsoft documentation for an overview.

I want to drag and drop (copy) by default (not move). Do you have a routine that does this?

Setting the property CopyMode to cmCopy should do this job.

I can drag files from JamExplorer to the Windows Explorer, but not the other way round. What is going wrong?

Privileged processes do not receive Drag&Drop from non-privileged processes for security reasons. This could be the case if you start your IDE or your executable as admin.

How can I use Drag&Drop between the ShellBrowser Components and Delphi's TListView / TListBox?

Unfortunately it is not possible to mix OLE Drag&Drop and Delphi Drag&Drop, because they work completely different.
The ShellBrowser components can interact with all other OLE enabled applications like Explorer, Word etc. All ShellBrowser Components can interact which each other with the OLE Drag&Drop.

In my application I want to restrict the access to only some folders or a single branch of the file system. How can achieve this?

There are several measures you can take, depending on the components you are using:

In the TJamShellTree, you can set the root nodes via the MultipleRoots and RootedAt properties. RootedAt is also available for the BreadCrumbBar.

To avoid, that a user manually opens a folder you have different options of interception:

Does the ShellBrowser Delphi Edition contain a control to preview files?

Yes, it contains the TJamFilePreview control.

What is the difference between the TJamShellList and TJamExplorerBrowser?

When configuring TJamExplorerBrowser to only include the FolderView, it looks much like the TJamShellList.

TJamExplorerBrowser wraps a Windows system component, and thus it will look exactly like Windows File Explorer.The TJamShellList on the other hand derives a VCL ListView control, that tries to resemble Windows File Explorer as much as possible. While it misses some aspects of this, it can on the other hand be customized more widely visually and functionally.

How can I prevent a file from being opened in the TJamShellList?

Assign the OnKeyDown event with this content:
if Key = vk_Return then Key := 0;

To prevent the automatic handling of a double click, simply add an OnDblClick event handler.

Or, you can use the OnBeforeShellCommand event and use the AllowExecute parameter to prevent the execution. The Command parameter when opening a file will be "default" or "open".

I get a memory leak report that an instance of TComboBoxExEnumerator is not freed. Can this be avoided?

This problem applies to Windows XP only and is fixed in Windows Vista and later. It is documented in MSDN. With the current implementation of TComboBoxEx in the VCL this unfortunately cannot be avoided.